Well I finally got my finger out and put together the first in a series of talks on crypto. Thank you for those that joined live and for the subsequent feedback.

This session covered some of the principles of cryptography and the lexicon, then focused on what happens during a TLS run. We delved into the Diffie-Hellman secret agreement protocol (you should now know the difference)as well as the weaknesses, mitigation,and other related protocols.

The whole recording is here and I will be making the slides available when I find a decent host that isn’t that awful LinkedIn one. In the mean time you can tap me up on slack and I’ll chuck them over (there is a bonus set of slides at the bottom of the deck that cover RSA too)

Next time we’ll be working our way further in into our TLS ciphersuite and will be looking at symmetric encryption. Exciting.

Any questions, feedback, abuse: hit me on slack or twitter @TunnyTraffic.