First and foremost, NSF is a community meant for Cybersecurity/IT professionals and enthusiasts to share knowledge and experiences. To facilitate this effort there are certain chat channels that are meant for professional discussion only and content should be on-topic and safe for work. Off-Topic channels have a softer approach to moderation in which users are free to speak their minds within the bounds of the general rules.

Channel Guidelines

In the following channels: please refrain from posting memes, inappropriate content, trolling, excess banter, etc. Rule of thumb: If it isn’t appropriate for the workplace, don’t post it.

  • ~Announcements - Community news
  • ~Blue Team - DFIR and security architecture
  • ~Cryptocurrency - Digital currency and the blockchain
  • ~Education - Self improvement, certifications, degrees, and training
  • ~Events - Meetups, events, and conference
  • ~General - General technology discussions
  • ~Hack The Box - All things
  • ~Hardware - Physical hardware, embedded systems, servers, switches, laptops, desktops, etc.
  • ~Jobs - Career development and job postings
  • ~Linux - Everything *nix
  • ~Livestream - Livestreams and webcasts
  • ~News - Newsbot feeds
  • ~Programming - Programming, development, and scripting
  • ~RE & Exploit Dev - Reverse engineering and exploit development
  • ~Red Team - Offensive security, pentesting, redteam, and social engineering
  • ~Vulnhub & CTF - CTFs, Vulnhub, boot2root challenges
  • ~Windows - General chat about anything Windows
  • ~Wizard-Labs - All things

Certificate and Pro-labs Channels

The purpose of these channels is focused study for Offensive Security certificates and HackTheBox Pro-labs and are available for registered students only.

  • ~OSCP - Offensive Security PWK
  • ~OSCE - Offensive Security CTP
  • ~Offshore - HackTheBox Offshore lab
  • ~Rasta-Labs - HackTheBox Rastalabs

Off-Topic Channels

On the other hand, the channels below are considered more casual with light-touch moderation. People are free to speak as they wish here as long as they do not violate the General Rules. We’re a big believer in free speech, so please respect everyone’s right to express themselves. Note: These are not default channels.

  • ~Entertainment - Music, movies, tv shows, video games, and more
  • ~Lounge - Chill area for general chit-chat
  • ~Politics - The only place for political discussion
  • ~Sysadmin - Sysadmin workplace musings

General Rules

  • Keep all discussions in their correct channels.
  • Be civil.
  • Do not post content that is pornographic or graphic in nature.
  • Do not directly link to any “pirated” materials.
  • Do not spam any channel for any reason.
  • Do not make political comments in channels besides #politics.
  • Do not use this channel as a platform for any illegal operations.
  • Do not post malicious links or content with the intention of infecting others.
  • Do not make threats, physical or otherwise.
  • Please Do not beg for donations / money.

Last but not least, please try to be kind and considerate to each other - remember that we are trying to build a productive and collaborative community, let’s all learn something together.

Hack The Box Rules

This looks like a wall of text but it is designed to give members the most out of their time, to learn, and to progress in HackTheBox:

  • always applies
  • No direct spoilers.
  • No unsolicited DMs for hints or spoilers.
  • Try to put some effort into your questions. You’re asking people for their time and expertise; show some respect by trying things first and outlining your question. Try ‘Are there any good tools for sub-domain enumeration’ or ‘Can someone review my second order blind SQLi?’
  • Language can be a barrier for those where English isn’t their mother tongue but try to explain the problem as well you can.
  • Please do not ‘ask to ask’. This is where someone asks ‘Does anyone know about xyz’. Rather than say ‘Can someone answer a question about python?’ try ‘How do I specifiy endianess when packing structs in Python?’
  • Discussion on retired boxes is fair game
  • Don’t spoil solutions but you can ask for help on boxes or challenges. This means you need to tread carefully. If you’re stuck on a particular topic ask a question about that topic.
  • Enumerate. Enumerate. Google. Enumerate. Try things. Check what results you got and Google some more.
  • Play nice, be helpful

Certification Study Rules

  • Do not break any rules belonging to the certification’s vendor.
  • Do not post any “braindump” and cheating materials.
  • For #oscp / #osce:
    • Do not give or ask for spoilers.
    • Type !oscprules in #oscp for full rule listing.


Moderators are also held to account for their actions and are bound by the guidelines. We don’t want to spend our time here telling anyone off, we’re here to learn and help too. Members found to be in breach of the guidelines will be warned and given a gentle push to remember the rules above. However we do take cheating very seriously and ask that members who witness attempts to cheat to report the incident to an a moderator.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact one of the moderators listed below:


  • cola
  • tim
  • tjnull
  • braindeaddeveloper
  • cyrus
  • dschalla
  • vcsec


  • ch4p
  • g0blin
  • arrexel


  • rasta_mouse

Offshore Labs

  • progentator
  • mrb3n