Many of you may already know this, but as of March 15, 2017 NetSecFocus decided to migrate our community to our own Mattermost server. There were a few reasons for this with the main reasons being message retention in Slack. At our volume messages were only lasting for a maximum of 10 hours which made it impossible to search for anything meaningful. Due to this and the impossibility of paying about $12k USD/month for Slack we decided to ditch it for something better.

After many months of testing various chat platforms, we decided Mattermost was the best compatible for us. Since it’s open source, we could also make some customizations that make it fit us even better than Slack ever will.

On March 24, 2017, we deleted our old Slack workspace. RIP

If you haven’t joined us on Mattermost yet, please do! You can connect to us at Should you have any issues connecting to that at work, you can also use to bypass some proxys looking for the word “chat” in the hostname. You can use the web app, desktop or mobile apps as well. Some of our users have reported that the Android beta app has been more stable for them. Those of you thinking “omg another app I have to install” or “omg another brower tab”, well you can look into using to concatenate all of your messaging into one app! For you IRC/Terminal lovers our there, we haven’t left you behind like Slack has! You can use Matterhorn to connect to us after sign up:

We thank our community for growing so large over the last 1.5yrs and we hope to grow even larger and build something truely valueable in our industry. We’ll see you on Mattermost!