This post will delve into the masters degree programs currently offered nationwide within the US that have relevance to an infosec professional trying to get a leg up in their career. The goal is to remain as objective as possible and provide a single offering considered as the “best” choice within its relevant category.

Infosec Focused


Reason: This masters degree will offer you an level of exposure to information security, in a very practical and applicable sense, that is unparalleled by any other degree program. This exposure to the information security field, both as a whole and in the specialty you choose to pursue, also offers significant networking opportunities and a chance to achieve one of the most respected certifications; the GSE (a capstone and requisite for the degree).
Delivery: Hybrid, in-person and online.
Costs: ~$20k-45k (depending on workstudy and transferrables).

CompSci Focused

Georgia Tech OMS CS

Reason: It’s accessibility, associated costs, delivery platform, brand name, and high quality of material all conspire to make this one of the most solid choices available.
Delivery: Online
Costs: ~$16k

Efficiency Focused


Reason: This university cannot get enough props for the successes they’ve made in their stated goal: offering a quality degree that caters to the working professional. Unbeatable in the objective metrics of time-to-complete, associated costs, and employability. Regionally accredited, this school often seems as too good to be true, with a price model that allows you unlimited access to any and all classes upon enrollment for 6 month periods, allowing documented cases of individuals achieving their masters degrees in only 6 months time.
Deliver: Online
Costs: ~$3k-16k

- Kalabaster

Work-in-progress: Last Updated 2017-03-08