NetSecFocus CTF team

Hello everyone,

We're nearing 5K members and we got no active CTF team, so let's change that.

You don't have to be some pro but we expect you to be 1) a motivated person who won't give up easily if stuck. 2) already familiar with CTFs/wargames.

Want to join the NSF team? We're looking for people who are serious about participating in CTFs.

How do I join?

  1. Check #ctf for the upcoming contest the NSF team will participate in.
  2. You have to join the first CTF after joining the team so if you can't commit wait for the next one. Dm @abatchy to invite you to the team channel.
  3. You're expected to participate in at least 2 CTFs before being officially part of the team (one of them is once you join).

We care more about people participating and communicating well during the contest, the number of problems you solve comes second.

Am I ready?

If you're unsure you're ready take a look at the CTF tab in !learn.

Note: We're not pros, we might do awful at times, but we're all learning.